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Hi, I’m Jill Delavan, the watercolor artist, illustrator & textile designer behind this bespoke artwork studio. I tell stories through artwork by blending whimsical illustrations & lettering for luxury event invitations, announcements and lifestyle that cater to the discerning tastemaker. For the past 11 years I’ve been designing print and pattern for major fashion & home brands, and have refined a signature personal style with an elevated taste level and whimsical feel. I truly believe that the work I create is 100% a reflection of my personality. Brands and individuals utilize my vibrant, storied artwork for a variety of mediums from paper to embroidery.

Originally from Jacksonville, FL, I earned a BS in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from Florida State (Go 'Noles!), a Master of Textiles degree from NCSU and would consider myself a true southern gal! When I was little, I was never without crayon in hand. I started my illustration career at the age of 16 when I had my first job personalizing kids gifts with paint pens (yes, paint pens!) in a local toy store. I am happiest when in my studio surrounded by paints and beautiful light. Currently, I live in NYC with my husband Ryan and this is my side hustle. Member of the Creative Lady Directory and Women Who Draw.

Let’s Work Together!

I’m excited to collaborate with brands & individuals on a multitude of projects from invitation artwork to textiles. Please get in touch below or view my custom work page for more info!