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I’m Jill, the watercolor artist, illustrator & textile designer behind this boutique artwork studio. I tell stories through artwork by blending whimsical illustrations & lettering for luxury event invitations, announcements and lifestyle that cater to discerning individuals and brands. For the past 11 years I’ve been designing print and pattern for major fashion & home companies, and have refined a signature personal style with an elevated taste level and whimsical feel. I truly believe that the work I create is 100% a reflection of my personality.

Originally from Jacksonville, FL, I earned a BS in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from Florida State (Go 'Noles!), a Master of Textiles degree from NCSU and would consider myself a true southern gal! When I was little, I was never without crayon in hand. I started my illustration career at the age of 16 when I had my first job personalizing kids gifts with paint pens in a local toy store. I am happiest when in my studio surrounded by paints and beautiful light. Currently, I live in NYC with my husband Ryan and this is my side hustle. Member of the Creative Lady Directory and Women Who Draw.



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